New Technology Hits Piano Tuning World

Today I took delivery of my new Fujan carbon-fibre tuning lever (Seen here gently laid across the keys of my own piano).

It’s not often new technology products hit the small world of piano tuning and credit must go to Steve Fujan of Tulsa USA for developing this amazing piece of kit. It has until recently only been available from America, but it’s now starting to be made under licence in Germany.

So what’s amazing?

Well, you can check out the Fujan Products web site: 
Also you can see what they’re saying about it here in the UK, like at Gordon Bell Pianos of Aberdeen: 
Be sure to visit if you’re out that way.

What’s so special is that carbon fibre tube is extremely rigid; also very strong and lightweight. It allows a tuning lever to be made longer, yet it won’t flex like a similar-length steel one would. This means that all the force applied to it goes straight to where it’s needed – the tuning pin. The extra length gives greater leverage and greater control. Thus the tuning pin can be ‘set’ with extreme precision, resulting in a more accurate tuning with improved stability – and better stability means the piano stays in tune for longer.

I’m looking forward to passing on the benefits of this great technology to my clients – starting today!


2 thoughts on “New Technology Hits Piano Tuning World

  1. tiffanyduke

    I notice the rosewood handle assembly knob is not a glossy lacquer like some I’ve seen, is this an older model?

    How difficult is it to switch out the fujan heads?



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