A New Twist

This picture shows tuning pins in the low bass on an old grand piano. Weirdly the very last string (top of picture) has been wound round the pin the opposite way to all the rest. You might think this would not be so unusual an occurrence, but in reality the strings are ever only wound one way – so the tuner knows which way to turn his tuning lever to raise or lower the pitch.

You might think it could be due to a dodgy workshop or a cowboy tuner, but this string along with the others looks as though it has been undisturbed since the piano was manufactured (not that there are such things as dodgy workshops or cowboy tuners in our highly reputable trade).

I can only conclude that it must be the only way that last note could be strung, given the limitations of the design of the frame. It certainly is unusual; I’ve never come across it before in all my years as a tuner.


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